Monday, March 21, 2011

No Pig Squeal For You: Interview with Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy

    • Jonny Davy Interview

      Lets face it. You all know that we all know that you all like Job For A Cowboy. Who doesn't? That's why we went out of our way to interview Jonny Davy, LEAD VOCALIST OF JOB FOR A COWBOY.
      Enjoy Fuckers!

      Metal In Ruins:  So Job For A Cowboy just finished the new new EP in February, how would you compare it to Ruination? Are you guys still moving towards a technical sound, or should we expect a change?

      Jonny:  Yeah, our EP is done and just sitting through the politics to actually release it at the moment. Should be out around the time when we're on tour with BTBAM in the spring. Honestly we put it together pretty fast. It only has four songs and the whole idea of it was to have something floating around before our full-length (which we've already started working on). I'm pretty happy with the way it came out however. I think it floats around the lines of Ruination, but as for our full-length... With the advantage of having more time on our hands it's coming out much different than stuff we've released in the past. I'd expect that to drop late 2011.

      MIR:   What was it like recording with Jason Suecof?

      J:  Working with Jason is awesome. He's become a great friend in the midst of working together these few times now. He's a real nut case just rolling around in his wheel chair. He has some great advice and he's an outstanding guitar player.

      MIR:  Should we expect any new tours or festivals for 2011?

      J:  Well, apart from this BTBAM tour and new EP about to come out we are probably going to be a bit under the raider. We are concentrating pretty hard on this full length, we want to really put out something different. The extreme metal genre is progressing and evolving so fast that we need to really stay on our toes, as for any other band. We never wanted to be the band that puts out the same record over and over every 2 years. Of course, it works for some bands. However, we're avoiding that at all costs.

      MIR:  As many fans know, you stopped pig-squealing after the Doom EP. Some people like it, and some don't. What made you decide to stop?

      J:  The pig-squealing question? I'm surprised people are still interested in this. The reality is we wrote our "Doom" EP at the young and tender average age of 15/16. We simply progressed as a band and I think it's pretty clear with the release after that. It became a huge fad and I personally didn't want to milk it for all it was worth. I didn't want to beat a dead horse that simply turned into an ongoing gimmick with other bands.

      MIR:  Some times you'll be gone for many months at a time, what do you do on tour to keep you entertained?

      J:  Entertainment on the road? It really never gets too boring. I'll just throw it in a list for you:
      1. Drinking
      2. Site seeing
      3. Exercising
      4. Reading
      5. Eating

      MIR:   Any side projects in the works?

      J:  I put out a record with Navene Koperweis (Animosity/Animals as Leaders). The band's called Fleshwrought and the debut record is called "Dementia/Dyslexia". You can download it or pick it up through Metalblade records. Its a tech death metal band with some experimental and progressive tendencies. At the moment we're trying to work out some live shows but it's obviously a bit hard to pull off with our schedules from being in other bands.                          MIR

      Job For A Cowboy is expecting an EP release soon and is going on tour with Between The Buried and Me

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