Saturday, March 26, 2011

Executioners: Interview with CARNIFEX

ahhh, the joys of the feeling you get when you interview a band bigger than the phrase "oli sykes hair"(oh, how I hate him..) today's interview is just flat-out awesome. We hit up the dudes from Carnifex on twitter and asked them if they'd do an interview, of course , because they're so awesome. they accepted (yes!)
so here it is: The Carnifex interview

Metal In Ruins:  hey guys! first off I just want to say carnifex is a great band and we're stoked for this interview. lets begin!
You guys are currently in the works of a new album, am I correct? What will Carnifex fans expect from the new release?
Carnifex:  Yes, we are currently working on the new record. We've been writing for the last 4/5 months and are about halfway through it. As far as what can be expected I feel like we are always getting better at writing and arranging. Each time we sit down to work on a new record I'm always concerned that we wont be able to write a better record then the last one. With this new record I know I don't have to worry about that. I'm very excited to get this record finished in out to the fans. Its going to top everything we've written in the past and really be a stand out record in the genre.

MIR:  Summer's right around the corner, and many many bands are now announcing summer tours and festival dates, do you guys plan to play any festivals or tours this year?
C:  Starting on March 31st we start our headlining tour. The Names Mean Nothing Tour with Oceano. Tony Danza & Within The Ruins. This tour is a full US tour that runs through May. We are not doing any festival tours this summer in the US. We did Summer Slaughter last year and need to focus on finishing the new record.

MIR:  Carnifex is a staple on the deathcore scene, with their heavy breakdowns, low growls, and face mealting rhythms and drums, how do you guys manage to keep the same sound and still be fresh?

C:  That's a good question. Thats a reason I'm so excited to get this new record done. It is a deathcore record but at the same time I feel like were doing it better then most of the bands out there. And were adding elements to our songwriting that other bands just don't do. Its really going to stand out on its own. 
MIR:  what bands make the foundation of Carnifex, who influenced you guys the most?
C:  That's different for every member in the band. But some bands we all enjoy and influence our are writing are In Flames, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dissection, Carcass, Dying Fetus and a lot more. 

MIR:  Are there any new bands that you guys have really taken a liking to?
C:  Within The Ruins is pretty sick, there new album is definitely underrated. One of the reasons we have them on our headlining tour.

MIR:  do you guys have any advice for the aspiring musicians in the world of metal out there?
C:  You have to love it more then anything else and be willing to give up everything and forget everyone to make it happen. Its not easy, lots of hard work.

MIR:  you guys seem to go on tour alot, do you have any funny tour stories? any band pranks set with other bands on tour?
C:  Yeah lots, but you'd have to be there!

MIR:  thanks again for taking the time for this interview. before we go, do you have anything to add?
C:  The Names Mean Nothing tour starts March 31st and runs until May 14th. This is our last headlining tour in the states for awhile. Don't miss these shows!

Carnifex is working on their next full length, in the mean time, they will be on the road March 31st-May14
Check em' out before they go into exile for awhile!

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