Saturday, July 9, 2011

Exclusive Song Premiere: VALE OF PNATH'S Brain Butchers

Who likes Vale of Pnath? Who likes new music? Well, to the people who like one, or both of the listed things, your going to shit your pants. Why you ask? Well, because we are streaming a new Vale of Pnath song off their new album The Prodigal Empire.

The song is called "Brain Butchers."

Pretty badass, right? If you dont believe just how awesome it is, listen.

Vale of Pnath - Brain Butchers

The album, The Prodigal Empire, will be released August 9th. So get your wallets ready and stash some money to purchase the debut of Vale of Pnath's first official album on Willowtip.


  1. Tits deluxxxe :D

  2. I still like saying Vale of Puh-Nath even if you're not supposed to say the Pee.

    These guys need to take over the world.