Friday, October 7, 2011

Interview: BLACK TUSK'S Andrew Fidler

We interview alot of great bands, but this has to be one of the best bands we've gotten a hold of. Today I'm giving you all my interview with Andrew Fidler of Black Tusk. If you haven't checked out our track-by-track review of Set the Dial, (Black Tusks latest release.) click this!

Hey! Glad we could do this interview! I'm really stoked to have the opportunity to do this and hope you are too! I cannot wait to see the results of the upcoming album from you guys. 

Anyways, lets begin!

So Black Tusk is releasing their upcoming album, Set the Dial, on October 25th. Does the album differ much from previous Black Tusk releases? How do you feel about the reception it's been receiving so far? 

We like to try and keep every Black Tusk album different.  We want people to be able to see the progression of our band through our releases. We don't want to put the same record out again and again. Some bands fall into that you know? It's easy to find a formulas that works and then stick with it.  I'm not saying that its a band thing to do that, because you can make five badass albums that all sound the same, but they all same the same. People can say that they've heard one record and the've heard them all.  We are trying to make it so people can say that the've head us, but you gotta listen to all the records to "hear us."  Each record has a different sound, but it's the Black Tusk sound.  Thats the effect we are going for.

The album was produced by Jack Endino, who has done albums by bands like Skeletonwitch, High on Fire, Toxic Holocaust, and even Nirvana! Did you enjoy working with him to create this album?

It was amazing working with Jack! When the project was presented to him, he said he knew just how to record it.  We were able to capture a huge sound, the record has an organic feel.  We were going for a big open sound, and Jack has been specializing in that since the 90's, it was  a perfect match. 

What was the influence for the album and the songs portrayed on it? What about the absolutely amazing artwork?  Each album seems to build of the themes of the record prior.  "Set the Dial" deals with apocalyptic themes. We have been watching the world around us seem to fall apart, yet not. That was a the influence for this record.. We got together with John Baizley and talked about our ideas and references from Greek Mythology dealing with apocalypse and he created an amazing piece of art for the cover!

There are tons of great bands out there right now, working at getting known and spreading their music like no other. Are there any you guys have been getting into? Would you mind recommending a few to the rad people reading this?

You are right, there is a a welcome spurt of good bands putting out new records.  Check the new releases section on Relapse to see what our label mates are up to for sure! there is a ton of great music there. Check the new Red Fang, the new Mastodon, the new Big Business, the new Graveyard, the newish Watain, the new Weedeater, the new Black Cobra, watch out for the new Struck By Lightning……so much good stuff coming out!

So touring is a main thing for bands. It's just mandatory for a band to go on the road. What's the craziest thing that has happened to you guys while touring? 

We have been touring for just shy of a decade now, so we have definitely seen our share of interesting things on tour.  There's no telling what has been the craziest thing.  So many different things happen on tour, good or bad, that it's just hard to pin point an exact situation that was the craziest. We get to meet so many cool people on the road, so hopefully the good times keep rolling!

What bands do you enjoy playing with? What bands are you interested in going on the road with? 

We enjoy playing with any band that shares a similar love of music, heavy or not! We can play with Metal bands from all over the different spectrums of the genre, or rock n' roll bands or stoner bands or doom bands or even outlaw country bands. It doesn't really matter, we want to travel and play with cool likeminded people. Its all about having fun and playing good music. 

Speaking about tours, you guys are playing a shows! On October 1st, then a few shows from the 21st to November 7th. Do you guys have any more tour plans supporting the new album after that?

We have regional shows in October and then a headlining tour in November confirmed.  The November tour ends on the 19th and we will have Monstro and Thou supporting us, it should be an amazing tour! There are plans to keep us touring the US through the end of the year and then there are plans to do a full US tour and an European tour early next year. 

Aside from shows, what other plans do you guys have in support of the upcoming album?

There are definitely shows in the works to support "Set the Dial."  We are setting up US and European tours to support the record and we have been doing interviews with various US and European websites and magazines.  We are also in the planning stages for a video, so stay tuned for updates on that!

Where do you see Black Tusk after the next coming years? What do you hope or expect to happen for the band?

 In the next few years, i hope to see Black Tusk still on the road and still making records.  We want to tour Japan and Australia in the future definitely.  We just want to keep touring and playing shows and making new fans!

Thanks again for taking the time to do this, Do you guys have anything to add? 

thanks for digging on the new album, and we hope to see you all on the road!

Black Tusk's new album :Set the Dial" iwill be released on October 25th. Pre-order the album at thei Relapse Records official MERCH STORE

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  1. Great interview! Saw the guys this year in Germany with Howl. I think the new album is kind of a grower!