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It was Canada with SLAYER. GET THIS SHIT RIGHT DAVID!!!: Interview with Mark Heylmun of Suicide Silence

This is Exellent.
Within the first 17 Hours of the website, we asked Mark Heylmun of Deathcore quintet Suicide Silence to do an Interview. As awesome as he is, He accepted our request and did so! So heres to all the Suicide Silence lovers out there!

Metal in Ruins:  Our first Quetion is of course about the new album. So far we know it's gonna be by far heavier than anything Suicide Silence has put out. Could you possubly give us a little detail?

Mark Heylmun:  Well I'm not gonna ramble on about how its the best or heaviest thing we've ever done, best/heaviest is in the eye of the beholder. All I can really say is if you liked the progression we made from The Cleansing to No Time to Bleed then you'll love this new group of songs. Its dark as fuck and the riffs are my favorite guitar parts myself, Dan Kenny, and Garza have came up with to date. I'm excited to see how ppl take it.

MIR:  What can we expect GUITAR WISE on the new album? any specific gear chosen?

M:  I'm using my live rig on the record minus my NS2. Old 2 channel Triple Rectifier I've had for years and TS-9. Boss effects like Digital Reverb and a DD-6. And I've been using my ESP's for everything Horizon 7 and B7.

MIR:  So you guys spent a while in Big Bear, California, basically jammin' the whole time. Did that atmosphere of being snowed in a cabin for a long time have any atmosphere on any of the new songs?

M:  I dunno I kinda think we just got some ideas out good or bad, we kept what we liked and thru out the bad shit. We were there for a month and we just put all the ideas on the table and made sure everyone was in the mode to put out another badass record. I think a lot of the songs we have on the record started in the cabin and were finished in the crown town Corona Ca. So its a record that has been worked on in many different environments and we are currently recording in Garden Grove. Influence and inspiration can spur from anywhere and from anything, even living in a ghetto ass hotel for a month.

MIR:  You guys just played California Metal Fest. How was it? was After the Burial amazing?

M:  Haha After the Burial is one of our favorite bands around right now they are always amazing. But it was really fun and I'm sore as hell today from it. We hadn't played a show in 3 months and really didn't properly rehearse we just loaded up from the studio went and jammed a set for our local fans and they were awesome. Couldn't of been better.

MIR:  You guys are officially on the Mayhem Fest Tour and are playing the Extreme stage. How much of an experience is Mayhem Fest, and what was it like last time you played? What do you expect?

M:  It is an experience of a lifetime. I grew up on Ozzfest and this is a tour just like it but the way it is ran from what I hear is way smoother. I expect more parties, great shows, new people to play in front of, and more parties haha. It is totally a traveling circus and if it is anything like last time we will walk away missing it and with new life lessons in the summer camp of heavy metal.

MIR:  Suicide Silence are basically on top of the Deathcore scene, are you proud of where the band is now, or do you think you could do better?

M:  I'm totally proud but we could always do better. In my opinion better would be to last till were literally too old to put the show on that we do now. I wanna be old and playing this shit when I'm 50 haha.

MIR:  How do you guys react on tour with other bands
Whats the craziest band prank you guys have pulled on another band?

M:  We hang out just like any other band, try and make friends and be a family on the road. A lot of bands have said I expected you to be an asshole and you're really cool. I dunno what that means? Haha. Best prank? I'd say the old bag of shit in someones trailer was good, haven't done it in awhile. Or we used to tease Matt from Nights like These about being a virgin even tho he wasn't and we covered their van in condoms while they were on stage. I'm sure there are better ones I just can't remember?

MIR:  Is it true your dick fell out of your pants playing a show at Mayhem Fest?

M:  No it was in canada with Slayer. 

MIR:  One final question, many bands tend to have those guilty pleasure bands, in which they love bands they just hate to love. Do you have one?
Blink 182.

MIR: Thanks for taking the time to let us interview you. We strongly appreciate what you guys have done for the scene and love everything by the band

Suicide Silence is currently recording their new album on Century Media and will be on Mayhem Fest 2011

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