Monday, March 21, 2011

We're Guiltless: Interview with Will of INDIAN

Indian are like the Pink Floyd of Metal, Theyre slow and doomy hell and remind me of  a bad acid trip. These guys are definitely one of my all time favorite bands, which is why I hit them up for an interview. Heres Will, vocalist and guitarist of INDIAN.

Metal in Ruins:  Hey Will, before we start we just want to say thank you for accepting this interview.
First off. Your latest release "Guiltless" comes out April 25th on Relapse Records, what was the theme of the album and its art?
Will:  Well, the album comes out on April 12. In the US, at least. As far as themes go, we would really prefer that the listener draw their own conclusions from the title, discernible lyrics and artwork. Guiltless is a rather strong word to use and there are many underlying implications.

MIR:  What writing and production process did you use for the new LP?

W:  I would imagine our writing process to not be too different from a lot of other bands. To paraphrase Ron, our bassist, the process is democratic, painstaking and sometimes violent. The production was a joint effort between us and Sanford Parker.

MIR:  What feedback do you expect on the new album from Indian fans out there?
W:  The feedback from friends who have heard it has been extremely positive. I don't really know what to expect. It's a very dark album and we'll see how well that is received. I can say that we're very happy with the album and I don't see how we could have made a better record.

MIR:  Do you guys have any upcoming tours to support the release?
W:  We're planning on getting around the US this summer. Probably an eastern half tour and a western half tour with a few contemporaries who are friends of ours. We'll also be heading to Europe in September and we have tentative plans for an Australian tour in November.

MIR:  What bands created the structure of Indian? Who influenced you guys all the way?
W:  Well, I can only speak for myself. Black Flag is the most important band in the world to me and directly influences anything I have ever written. A lot of classic country and some power electronics and death industrial bands have been inspiring me as of late.

MIR:  before we go we have one last question. Everyone has that guilty pleasure. that thing they just hate to love, whats yours?
W:  I don't feel guilty about it, but the first Weezer album might qualify in some people's eyes.

Metal in Ruins wants you all to go buy their record when it comes out,.. OR ANGEL WILL FUCKING PISS ON YOUR MOMS FACE.
thanks for reading all

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