Thursday, September 8, 2011

 The one and only brutal ass metal label that never dissapoints me the slightest what-so-fuckingEVER (WILLOWTIP) Has officially planned out the rest of the years album releases and their dates. So here they are, Check this out!

October 18th sees the release of TWO Willowtip releases, Natural Causes by Austrailian Progressive Metal band ALARUM, as well as Aykroyd, the new album from Canada's instrumental act ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF

November 1st has the thrill of being the date for the release of ILLCOLOGIST 's new album The Unconsciousness of Living.
On November 15th, the brutallity that is VILE releases their album Metamorphasis. (Hellyeah!)

and finally DIM MAK's The Emergence of Reptilian Altars sees it's release. Ensuring complete global destruction and chaos.

If you enjoy what you see and wish to hear some of these fine, new tunes, be stoked that a song from every upcoming release is available to stream or can be downloaded FO FREE! at Willowtip's bandcamp page (just click the red link. You know you want to...)

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