Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Ninety-Six's "Dogs of the Day"

Traditional Hardcore bands come in two different sounds. It's either a Hardcore band is great, or it's a Hardcore band that sucks. For 96, well. They obviously don't suck. So I'll leave the obvious to you. 96 is a four piece hardcore band from New Jersey. The dudes have shared the stage with bands like Sick of it All, Suicidal Tendencies, and This is Hell. They recently came out with a free E.P. that they put up for download, So I decided to check it out and review it. So with out further ado, Ninety-Six's Dogs of the Day.

The E.P. opens up with Rescue Boat (Dogs of the Day) opening up with this old hard punky riff and some straight forward drums, just speeding out there, The breakdown in the song kinda wasnt my thing, But hey. It opened great. All the sudden, the 54 second jam Hardluck kicks in. My mind leaves me speachless. That is the way hardcore should be. No -waiting for the intro-intros. Just IN YOUR FUCKING FACE STRAIGHT FORWARD DO OR DIE. That's how the intro should be. Always. The next song on here is Lone Wolf. A tad bit slower than the songs on the E.P. but equally as great. Which leave us to the final track: Homesick. A definite anthem for the band. This song is what makes up the release. It has some killer riffs, and just makes me want to bash my face into the wall. The lyrics are catchy, with a simple sentance: "You can try to take me out of the grave but you can’t take the grave outta me" It leaves me with a line that just sticks out of the whole release. By far my favorite lyrics on it

Closing statement: Though the release was only four songs long, and didn't give me TOO much to review for you all, It was something. And that something was classic hardcore with a hint of modern influence, it's kinda like an older version of This is Hell. To be honest, I dig it. A lot. It's rough, the quality doesn't have the best production values. It's just the way it should be. Pure Hardcore.

If you like what you just read and you want to hear this piece of action/download it for FREE Go to 96's Bandcamp! (yes, this is a link. That's why it's highlighted, dumbass.)


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