Friday, September 9, 2011

ANIMALS AS LEADERS Releases New Album Details...And Names a Song After Me

Good news, I have yet to get in trouble at school for wearing my rad A Life Once Lost shirt with a marijuana leaf on it. Oh, plus Animals as Leaders released new album details.
All this AaL talk is making me saucy, so lets read in on this.
The album was produced by drummer, Navene Koperweis and ANIMALS AS LEADERS, and mixed by guitarist Javier Reyes. As said before, the album is scheduled for release here in the states on November 8th, and will ensure the fact I will die happy. The song names and track orders are listed below.

Animals As Leaders' Weightless track listing 
1. An Infinite Regression
2. Odessa
3. Somnarium
4. Earth Departure
5. Isolated Incidents
6. Do Not Go Gently
7. New Eden
8. Cylindrical Sea
9. Espera
10. To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question
11. Weightless
12. David

Oh, how I love you Animals as Leaders. What with your amazing harmonies, technicalities, and your Tosin Abasi. You make me feel... shall I say "Weightless".

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