Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Y'know those bands that you listen to that aren't big and deserve everything a band possibly can get?  That's of course how I feel about KILLHARMONIC. KILLHARMONIC is a four-piece Death metal band from the depths of Indonesia. these guys law down some heavy ass riff's that just make you want to go out of control and bash every living thing out there.  Their first release, HATE THAT NEVER SET, is a 2002 release of nothing but Brutality. Don't believe me? Check out the song Rotus Opus.
Heres a list of tunes to check out from them if you havent heard of em'!
-Polluted and Distorted
-Dark Path
-Bloodshed Murder
-Soup of Human Flesh
-Rotus Opus
-Abortus Criminallis

These guys definantly deserve more for what they are! Here's their officil myspace, so you can check em' out! see ya!

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