Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Due Date Tuesday II: The Questioning

 Well, it's tuesday. Last night was an episode of Headbanger's Ball... Did it suck? I'll leave you to answer that. ANYWAYS, here are the albums that have been scheduled for a release today:

March 22, 2011
Agnostic Front - My Life, My Way (Nuclear Blast)
Assassin - Breaking The Silence (SPV)
Bloodshot - Murder The World (Scarlet)
Born Of Osiris - The Discovery (Sumerian)
Dodsferd - Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance of Life (Moribund)
Dotma - Sleep Paralyses (Scarlet)
Engrained - Deep Rooted (SPV)
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance Re-Release (Heavy Artillery)
The Haunted - Unseen (Century Media)
Immortal Dominion - Primortal (427)
My Inner Burning - Eleven Scars (SPV)
Odd Dimension - Symmetrical (Scarlet)
Protest The Hero - Scurrilous (Vagrant)
Straight Line Stitch - The Fight Of Our Lives (E1)
Tesseract - One (Century Media)
Woods of Ypres - Against The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat Re-Release (Earache)
Woods of Ypres - Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth Re-Release (Earache)
Woods of Ypres - Woods III: Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues Re-Release (Earache)
Woods Of Ypres - Woods IV: The Green Album Re-Release (Earache)
Thanks for checkin' it out! See ya next week!

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