Monday, March 21, 2011

My Instinct says this album sucks: As Blood Runs Black album review

 Angel has decided that for his first album review, he would do As Blood Runs Black's latest release Instinct. So here it is:

As Blood Runs Black: Instinct ALBUM REVIEW
Without a doubt, these guys stepped it up a lot in this album when it comes to technicality. The longly anticipated album by ABRB is jam packed with fast riffs and breakdowns for their deathcore fans. But when it comes to song variety, there's no question that they could have been more original. With the amount of time they had, they could have made it more of an ALBUM, rather than a continuous song. There is no doubt that these guys are talented, but I'm not going to be expecting an original album from these guys in 2 years. I give this album 3 stars, just because of their growth as musicians. But who knows, maybe they're surprise us next time?

MiR rates this album 3 out of 10 stars

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