Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When it comes to underground doomy/sludgy/pure fucking metal, no one knows how to choose the best of each better than HALO OF FLIES. They've put out bands like NORTHLESS, Light Bearer, Protestant, and a few great others, including MASAKARI, who recently put out a split record with Alpinist. The rad dudes at Halo of Flies sent me a copy of that record, and all I can say is this: Go buy this record. Go buy this record. Seriously, do yourself a huge favor and Go buy this record.

For those people who do not know what a split album is. (you'd be surprised. ) It is exactly what it's named. a split between two bands on one record. One half being one band, the other, well.. being the other band.
Today I'm doing two seperate parts of this review. One for each band.
beginning with.....


This side is absolutely crazy. It opens up with this mind-blowing kinda doomy introduction for the song "Abgerichtet" this angry, demented song that . A definitely revealing and straight forward opening to a killer side. The madness doesn't end once we hit "Subjection", a jam that's just packed with pure havoc, telling about subjecting yourself to daily routines and rotting the world, all while caring less about the problems affecting everyone around you. It surely speaks out more than the other songs on the album. "Steps" just flies by on the album. A great song, definitely fast and energetic. This is the "Face-pounder" of the album. The song is definitely fucking killer/ "Postmodern Problems" is an anthem for those who waste time complaining about useless decisions  and have yet to focus on actual issues that occur around you and your existance. The song definitely shows what the hell it's talking about, proving that Alpinist is not fucking around. At All. The next song is my favorite. "Unwanted Encore" to me is a big "Fuck you" to all the negativity and fascists around the world. Explained in the album the song basically states that there are no innocent enemies (Nazi's portrayed in the explanation) and that people still think that what the Nazi's did in the early 1940's was right and that this racism is needed. It's a shame people in the world actually still revolve their life-styles around this. And that is why I really like this song. The final song on the Alpinist side is "Quelle Valeur Reste?" Translated from french, means "What Value is?" (correct me if I'm wrong guys). The song starts slow and slowly progresses into a full blown machine of anger, melancholy, and confusion. The song is derived from a World War documentation and questions a last minute decision as to whether or not it is efficient to save a mans life.


Masakari's side of this album is a Killer! From the beginning of their side to end, it is purely outstanding. When it opens up with the dramatic sequence of "The Obscene Underbelly" you are attached to a darkened dignifying atmosphere. When that climax hits and you reach the uproar of the guitars and drums, you get a taste of vocalist Tony Yanick's powerful sound. Punk and Metal collide to make one hell of a band known as Masakari. "Void Manufacturing" only pulls you deeper and deeper into the twisted fast sound and headbanging action that this album provides.  With songs like "Hexenhammer" and "Trapped Into The Mold" you're ears will be begging for release from this brutality. My favorite song on this side though is "Progress." it has a twisted, tormenting opening, killer bass, and makes me want to just go ballistic. There is literally nothing completely calm about this side. It thrashes, it kills, cuts like a knife and digs into your ears  like daggers slowly pushing into your skin.

OVER-ALL REVIEW: This split rips and shreds a whole new perspective on the Halo of Flies releases. Just as I though they could not possibly put out anything better than they have this year, these two excellent bands push the barriers and prove me wrong. Even if any of you are stupid enough to not like one side, I'm almost positive you will like the other. Do yourselves an awesome favor and buy this. I promise. You will not regret the purchase.

*Because I am reviewing this into two parts, each side will recieve one-to five stars. Adding them together equaling the over-all MiR grade of this album

ALPINIST:    4.5/5

Metal in Ruins rates this piece of action a 9.5 stars out of 10! For blowing our brains into an oblivious pile of crap! with all the insanity and malevolence felt through the album, it'll leave all you metal heads wanting more and more from these bands

You can buy this awesome release at the Halo of Flies release store. (click this, idiot.)
Your precious money will go to good use and will support the band and label ensuring that the bands keep making awesome music as well as ensuring that the labels have the funds to put out the music that these bands are putting out. Support the music guys!


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