Friday, June 24, 2011

Underground Interview: Dave Kerr of NYC's IKILLYA

We're back today with this awesome interview from a great band. IKILLYA is a Metal piece hailing from New York City (probably one of the best on the NYC scene at the moment...) And if anything, these guys definitely know how to cram shit-loads of awesome into each song they make. We got to talk to IKILLYA guitarist Dave Kerr about the band, their latest release RECON, plus more! So it's my pleasure to show you all, Metal in Ruins interview with IKILLYA

Metal in Ruins: hey man! before we begin I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Lets begin!
So your most recent release RECON came out a few months ago, what is the theme of the album? What does IKILLYA'S music originate from?

Dave Kerr: Thanks David!  Glad to be doing the interview man…and thanks for giving us the opportunity. Yeah Recon was released a couple of months back, which was really cool as it took pretty much a year to finish.  The theme is basically that this collection of songs is, give or take, the first set we have written.  It’s an introduction to IKILLYA, and really a taster of the type of thing we are capable of.  The music comes from all of us.  We will write bits and pieces, different parts, then just bring them to the band and put them through the meat grinder.  It isn’t an IKILLYA song till its been messed with and reworked by all of us, many times over.

MIR:  How did the band create their sound? What influenced the band to make the music they make today?

DK:  I’m not really sure how we made, or are making our sound to be honest.  Its just what we sound like.  Though we all love metal, there are so many different musical backgrounds and influences at play that it just ends up sounding like it does.  Mansa is really a jazz guy, as well as a lot of marching band style stuff, while I’m really into a lot of blues, funk, stuff like Dire Straits Tom Petty, SRV, Stevie Wonder.  Jason too loves stuff like Sigur Ross and Massive Attack.  As far as metal goes, the  bands we all agree on are probably Lamb of God, Gojira, and The Haunted.

MIR:  Being a metal band in New York, it's safe to say your obviously not the only metal band there. Are there any bands you'd recommend to some up and coming metal heads out there who need to get into more music?

DK:  A great question!  There are loads of awesome bands around just now, the scene is really taking off.  We have been lucky enough to play with lots of these guys, but there are a ton.  A few I really like are Hung, Alekhine’s Gun, The Judas Syndrome, and though they are actually from Indiana, Devil to Pay.

MIR:  How do you feel about the underground metal music scene today? Is it as supportive as it should be or ever was?

DK:  Tough one.  I guess it is and it isn’t.  There are some great people working hard and supporting or promoting, but probably more who just play shows or whatever and don’t really contribute at all.  The NYC is slowly getting there, up to a good level, but its tough man, there are less and less venues to play, and for bands shit is expensive when you need to go places or produce quality music and stuff.

MIR:  IKILLYA is turning into a bigger and bigger band by the hour, where do you see you guys getting in the next few years? Do you see any big label signings on the way?

DK:  Well thanks for saying so!  Appreciated.  We re taking it step by step.  Music is a tough industry right now, so we are trying to be practical…building a fan base around NYC and surrounding, and playing as much as we can throughout the North East.  We’ll hopefully just be expanding our radius as we can and seeing where it takes us.  If people respond in the right way to the music, then that will make a big difference.  We can only keep working and see where it takes us. 

MIR: Thanks for taking the time for this quick interview. We hope for the best for all of you in the band and wish for a great future for IKILLYA.
do you have anything to add before we go?

DK: Absolute pleasure man, glad to be a part of Metal In Ruins.  I would like to say thanks to everyone who reads this and checks out our music, and that we have a big show coming up on July 16th in Rebel NYC – that’s in Manhattan.  It’s a 16+ show so everyone can come…some great bands playing with us, and we’d really appreciate it if people came along to see us!

IKILLYA wants YOU to go and buy their latest release RECON. Packed with heavy riffs and intense vocals, it's a must have for all you metal heads. for the price of just $5, you can own an album definitely worth paying for.   visit IKILLYA's Bandcamp to purchase the album. you won't regret it.

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