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D&D: Interview with David Gold of WOODS OF YPRES

Man, am I stoked for this one. Today, I had the pleasure of Interviewing David Gold of WOODS OF YPRES. I guess you could consider this a "David on David" or "D&D" interview, considering we're both named David, only that David is probably twice my age, considering I'm still fourteen. ANYWAYS, it is my honor to give you all, my interview with WOODS OF YPRES.

Metal in Ruins: Hey David! Before we begin I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do this interview! I love Woods of Ypres and am currently anticipating the new release! Lets begin!

David Gold: You're welcome!  Let's do it!  

MIR: So Woods of Ypres is working on a follow up to Woods IV: The Green Album, Can you please tell us about the new release?

DG: We'll be completing the writing for "Woods 5" in July and recording in August.  Similar to all previous WOODS OF YPRES albums, this one will be different.  We're always experiencing change and growing, becoming more, and therefore we feel that the sound has no choice but to progress with each album.  We simply provide the parts and the song itself does the rest by coming together and reflecting an image of how we really feel.  Writing songs is a great way to get to know yourself and to put forth the real you out into the world via the popular medium of music.  I think this one will really show our age and (I know the old school metalheads dislike the use of this word, but...) maturity.  The old days were wild and desperate and so though some might expect us to have become more controlled and reserved, we actually feel quite free in our expression nearing our 10th year as a band and for me, in my 30's.  It's that freedom of expression, not control or fear, that allow will allow WOODS OF YPRES to continue to reinvent and eventually realize itself.         

MIR: How is the albums process going?

David Gold: Well enough not to panic though I'm already working on it everyday and we have lots of time yet to experiment.  Having done five previous WOODS OF YPRES recordings, I have a pretty good sense of where to put the pressure in the creative phase.  Riffs and words generally start at the same time but completely independent from each other.  Nearing the deadline, I start to match ideas with sounds that fit and the songs take their own shape.  There is certainly a process, one of refinement.  The first ideas are usually the ones that are stumbled upon, the ones that come for free, but the best ideas and the ones that help complete and unify a song's elements are the ones that usually have to be earned through time, attention and patience.  The more time and attention you spend getting to know a song, the stronger it will become.  It's much like a relationship.  

MIR:  What is the influence on the new album? Will it differ in anyway compared to any other Woods of Ypres album?

DG: It won't intentionally be a concept album, as in, I didn't go into the process intending it to be one, but it still might resemble one in the end.  WII: "Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth" and W4: "The Green Album" were both concept albums where they had to start somewhere, tell a story and come to some conclusion by the end.  W5 is scheduled to have 10 disconnected, self contained songs.  

MIR: Is there any estimated release time?

Early 2012.  If W5 has a colour it's black.  If it has a season, it will be winter, though not in a black metal way.  An early 2012 in the dark months will be most suitable for those first listens.  

MIR:  If I am correct, the new album will be called Woods V: You Were the Light, is there any significance within the title? Does it refer to the theme of the album?

DG:  We've actually already released "You Were the Light" on the "Home" 7-inch single with digital download.  "You Were the Light" ( ) and "Falling Apart" ( ) are both available for previewing on YouTube right now, and if you like it, you can order a copy:
We recorded these songs after tour last summer, before signing to Earache, which would later considered "Woods IV.5: You Were the Light" and not quite "Woods 5".  We'll be recording the real "Woods 5" this summer which will be released by Earache records in 2012.    

MIR: As we can all clearly tell, there is a mass amount of energy and creativity within every second of every song from WoY, what helps induce and generate the creativity found within the bands music?

DG: Wild inspiration, refined with time and care.  Ideas are always floating around and often accumulating in various files, physical, digital and imaginary, in my mind, but it takes attention and focus to turn them into a finished piece.  You really have to have both the inspiration and the organizational as well as time management skills to create something great.  I've been somewhat satisfied with a few things we've done in the past but I'm always striving for that greatness, that which we have yet to achieve.    

MIR: Being a band on the Blackened Doom Metal side of music, you must know a few great bands, are there any you'd be willing to share to the metal heads reading this in need of new tunes?

DG: A couple of the best underground bands that we recently shared the stage with are VEX from Texas and CORMORANT from California.  As a personal recommendation from me, please check them out!  They both have new albums coming out this year that are the best work yet from either band!  

MIR: Do you have any preparations ahead for summer tours?

DG: WOODS OF YPRES just finished a near 40 day tour of North America in May and June.  We'll be focusing on the new album for the rest of the summer.

MIR: Where do you see Woods of Ypres getting within the next few years? Do you have high expectations for the band?

DG: High hopes and low expectations is the best way to prepare yourself for this life.  Opportunities come and go, you win some and miss some but WOODS OF YPRES will always continue to write and release new music, regardless of the lack of and also in spite of potential success.  Sure some time and comfort would be nice, but I know that staying hungry keeps me inspired to do more.  Satisfaction is the death of desire, as they say.  We have work to do yet.  

MIR: I understand you have a label called Krankenhaus. How is the label currently doing?

DG: My first indy label was called KRANKENHAUS REORDS which was in business until about 2008 when I changed the name of my operations to PRACTICAL ART RECORDS (P.A.R.).  I used to work with other bands and release albums other than my own but I found it to be a rather unrewarding way to spend my efforts.  I have since continued to release the music of WOODS OF YPRES and other side projects that I've got involved in.  After having a direct mail order business for nearly 9 years, it's hard to completely give it up!  I've always enjoyed our DIY routines, working with the mail and connecting with our listeners.  I may always keep this going, even in some small way, as long as there is still mail service available in the world.  

MIR: Thank you so much for taking your time to do this interview. I am honored to display your name among the other great bands the website has interviewed. Do you have anything to add before we go?

DG: Visit, buy W4: The Green Album on CD, double-vinyl (available in 4 colours!) or digitally on i-tunes, 'like' WOODS OF YPRES at and for 100+ videos!  Anticipate "Woods 5"!   

Woods of Ypres is in the process of making their new album. If you love their music as much as I do you'd listen to David and buy the Woods 4 album. I can promise you, It will be worth the purchase. Thanks again to David for doing this interview. I hope he enjoys his time being "Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery." (woods of ypres pun)

See you all later!

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