Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prosthetic putting out new VINYL

I have a few things to post before I head out.  I'm going to a show tonight to see NORTHLESS tonight at Inherent Records. yeah, they're those guys we interviewed not too long ago.  ANY WAYS lets get down to it.

ANIMALS AS LEADERS, TRAP THEM, HOLY GRAIL and SKELETONWITCH are currently having albums pressed and/or being re-pressed to vinyl, and EVERONE LIKES THE NICE CRACKLE OF VINYL AS IT FILLS THE AIR!!!!!

ANIMALS AS LEADERS' self title album, originally released in 2009, is coming out on a 180-gram 2LP set on colored or black vinyl with gatefold Stoughton jacket featuring enhanced album artwork, 3D imagery and custom AAL 3D glasses.  It's set for release June 21st and is available for pre-order now!

Due to the popular demand of the album (since it has been pressed and sold out not once but TWICE)
TRAP THEM's PROSTHETIC debut, "Darker Handcraft," is now in its third pressing. It will be available on two new colors ,"solid gold" and "red spray," as well as on black. As before the LP will have a high-quality gatefold jacket and come with a digital download card. It will be available on their May tour with Converge and Burning Love, and is available now for pre-order. 

HOLY GRAIL's debut LP, "Crisis In Utopia," has been released on limited-edition white vinyl. Only 100 copies are available between the PROSTHETIC web shop and the band itself on tour

the final installment of SKELETONWITCH's 7" trilogy,will be available for pre-order in May! The band is currently on tour with 3 Inches of Blood and is gearing up to record their new album later this spring.

that's all! stay tuned for more new shit!

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