Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bands To Know: Controlling Evolution

Well, It's been awhile. After reviewing tons of stuff, posting news, and getting back in touch with this friggin' blog, I decided to make a new BTK. This week I bring you some new blood to the progressive metal scene: Controlling Evolution.
Hailing from my current city of residence, Cleveland, Tennessee, this Three-piece progressive metal group will turn heads for all of you metal lovers. These guys have a spine-shattering technical metal sound, with tough and raw vocals and alternates into a more melodic and jazz/fusion sound, with cleaner vocals finishing up the intensity of the music they play. Their rise is sure to come faster than you know, so get in on this action before everyone else in the world does.

Here are TWO tracks to give you a feel of what you're all missing out of

09 SkullSplitter, Part 1 by Controlling Evolution

04 Caught In The Uproar by Controlling Evolution

Their latest release, In the Wake of Leviathan's Campaign, is available for a Name your fucking price download at their BANDCAMPahhhhhhhhhh
Seriously guys, if you did not listen to either of the songs above, you are extremely fucking stupid.

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