Saturday, July 30, 2011

Metal in Ruins Contest: Win a copy of DIAMOND PLATE'S Generation Why?

Who here likes DIAMOND PLATE? (if you have no idea who they are, look at the background of this page...) Who here likes FREE SHIT? Well then, your gonna love this. In support of their new release, Generation Why?, Metal in Ruins is giving away 3 free copies of their newest release! Courtesy of the great label Earache Records. Here's how to win!

You may enter a limit of three (3) times. any other submissions will not be valid.

Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced the day of the release, August 9th. Winners are most likely to recieve the album two-four days after the release date.

this contest will help promote the new Diamond Plate album, as well as promote all the underground metal bands in the world.

Well that's it! here's  the facebook. GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you buy a metal in ruins button that does not give you special brownie points and will not help you win.... but you can still buy one.


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