Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book of Black Earth announce new album release date!!!!!....

..... and it's fucking bad ass!!!!! the blackened death metallers that hail from Seatlle have officially spread the word of their new release "The Cold Testament". It has been scheduled for a release date on May 24th. So mark your fucking calenders cos' it's time to fucking rage!!!!
the album is exclusively availabe for pre-order at Prosthetic Record's merch site. So get it now!!!!!!!
Vocalist/guitarist TJ Cowgill commented on the new album: "Thematically, 'The Cold Testament' will be a little looser than 'Horoskopus,' but there is still an underlying current to both the sound of the album and lyrically. This will in my opinion be our strongest, most haunting offering, closing another chapter in the Book of Black Earth."

Buy it!

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