Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vegas, R&B, and UK Girlz: Underground Interview with Luis of Aurora

Sex is great, but you know what else is? AURORA. One of the bands on our first bands to know section has agreed to do an interview with us! so without further ado, heres Luis of AURORA

Metal in Ruins: Hey. thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions with us. I really appreciate theMetaphysics EP
First question. So your a Vegas band, What other bands are there on the scene? Is there any competition?

    Luis:             We haven't been in the loop for so long we don't know much of the other local bands in the competition, but one of them is a girl competitng from the UK so props to her.

   MIR:   What do you guys see Aurora doing in the next few years? How big will Aurora be?

   L:  The big picture is to buy a van and tour as much as possible, looking at the past 3 months and how many fans weve gotten just off of online buzz, we cant wait to start doing shows and meeting more people.

  MIR:  Metaphysics is a hell of an EP, is it possible for you guys to top it?

   L:  Were still only in our baby stages right now, We have 2 more songs that were adding on to Metaphysics before we press and officially release it with artwork, so theres still more awesome music to come.

  MIR:  Do you guys have any upcoming plans for Aurora as a band?
  L:  We're playing our debut show with Chelsea Grin in St. George Ut @ The Electric Theatre April 9th so were stoked on that, its less than as month away :)

  MIR:  Finally, every band has its guilty pleasures when it comes to musical taste, do you guys have any guilty pleasures of your own?
  L:  Were all really into different kinds music im an r&b guy, Nathan is more of a reggae type, Mike and Billy are down with OPP and NWA, and im guessing right now but id say Bert and T are probably the brutal side of the band lol

 MIR:  thank you for taking the time to let us interview you, we hope all is well for the band and may you get signed and make some great tunage.

  L:thanks to you man, let everyone know to vote for us on the Warped Tour Competition!

as you see, AURORA has signed up for the Battle of the Bands stage for Warped tour. these guys need as much support as possible. Thanks for reading. and Dont forget to vote!


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