Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grizzlies on Ice: the Underground Interview with Jesse from Tir Asleen

Now I understand why people always put their computers not too close to the windows sight. A). to not let anyone watch you watch you watch your pornhub. B) to not let anyone watch you whip your dick out while you watch pornhub. and C) so the sun DOES'NT GET IN THE WAY OF THE FRIGGIN COMPUTER SO YOU CAN'T SEE SO YOU PUT A BLANKET AND COVER IT OVER BOTH THE SCREEN AND YOU TO KEEP IT AWAY, WHICH MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOUR DOING BOTH A AND B. Anyways,  For our first Underground Interview, We hit up Jesse from Experimental Indie/ Post-Hardcore band Tir Asleen, who owns shit up.
JESSE: Yo David! Whats up man? Congrats on starting your site. I think thisinterview sounds like fun.

METAL IN RUINS: haha, thanks! It's gonna be the first on the site man! anyways, lets get down to buisness. So you guys are getting ready to head down to Nightowl studios in Cleveland TN to record a 7" with on your label The MotherlandCollective, am I right? What can we expect from it?

J: Thats correct. We're recording once again at Night Owl on First Street
with Jeremy Webb and we will be laying down two brand new songs over a
period of four days starting this Monday. Once everything has been
mixed/mastered and we get the artwork ready we plan to print up those
vinyls ASAP.

MIR: That's great! What sound exactly are we going to expect on it?

J: It's not going to be a departure from the mixture of styles we had on
our first EP but these two songs feel a lot more focused. We're still
a young band and it's important not to pigeonhole yourself to one
sound but we are very happy with the sense of identity we've started
to form since our last release back in November.

MIR: Your song names are straight up funny as hell, with names like "August, More Like I Shot JFK", "This Place is Mountains" "The Eighties Are Over... But You Can Still Have Your Weekend At Bernies" and "Damn Dirty Apes", but like most who have ever seen a band do so, They wonder how they got those names. What's your inspiration for the funny ass names?

J:Haha. There's actually a different story for every name.
"August...JFK" is a name that came around from working my job at a
mental institution (where Im also conducting this interview via my
phone. But shhhh...) and "Bernie's" was Micheal's random in studio
contribution when we were making our old demo. "Damn Dirty Apes" came
from a rude/funny incident on I-75 on the way to Swayze's Venue, as
well as my affinity for the "Planet of the Apes" films. "This Place is
Mountains" was spawned from a chance run in with a homeless man from
Russia while we were in downtown Chattanooga which turned out to be
this crazy spiritual experience.

For the upcoming release, titles include "Aiesha J. Lewis" and the
working title of "Grizzlies On Ice: The Musical".

MIR:  haha. they get better and better. So now that you guys are signed and getting the name out further and further, do you have any master plans of some sorts in the near future?

J:The plan is to keep playing as many regional/nearby state dates as
possible, write even more music, and tour to try and keep spreading
the word (and music!) of Tir Asleen. I don't know how master that is
but it is definitely the plan at the moment.

MIR: Where do you exactly see the future of Tir Asleen going?

J: To quote Doc Brown of "Back to the Future" fame, "When this baby hits
88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit." But 80's movie
quotes aside, the possibilities are endless. The main thing I'd like
to see happen is more touring because there's nothing more important
than physically getting your name out there. Playing with bigger
bands, doing some festivals, signing to a bigger label, and touring
Europe would all also be dreams come true. I do know that the future
holds a lot of fun. Everyone in this band does it for the love of
music and as long as that holds true, our future will be bright no
matter what happens.

MIR: Finally, to top off this little event we ask, for the people out there who need some great music, who inspired Tir Asleen to make what they make today, and what music do you recommend for anyone new to the post-hardcore indie scene?

J: Oh wow. I can't begin to speak for the entire band on this because we
all listen to so many different types of music. But bands like At The
, Botch, Glassjaw, mewithoutyou, HORSE the Band, and Fear
Before The March of Flames
 are some of our biggest collective

There are also so many new bands out there who are doing amazing
things in the scene right now such as La Dispute, Defeater, Pianos
Become The Teeth, Touche Amore, Some Mistakes, An Isle Ate Her, Wire
Method, Native, Stillglow, Comrades, Balance and Composure and so many
more that I can't even begin to list.

To close I would like to add that we have a show April 13th at The
Warehouse in Chattanooga, TN with Showbread and Abandon Kansas that we
do have presales for and that you can listen to all of our music at Also, thanks for taking the time to
interview us and generally being a killer dude all the time.

Jesse Hicks (Tir Asleen)

MIR: Your very welcome. And thank you for taking the time to let us interview you. I wish for the best for all of you dudes, and hope that nobody falls on their face at the warehouse while under the influence again!
Haha, thanks again Jesse. Have an awesome day bro!

Tir Asleen's upcoming EP will be released to the world soon, but in the meantime, you can buy and download their most recent EP here for just $4 or buy it on cd here for only $5 as well as download their demo free here!


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