Saturday, May 7, 2011

Metal in Ruins Interview With INFERNUS of GORGOROTH

Interviews are fun. Black Metal is too. 
That's why we hit up INFERNUS of 
Norwegian Black Metal Band GORGOROTH 
for a quick interview involving their new 
album and what they have been up to.
Check it out!  

Metal in Ruins: Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for
 doing this quick interview,  let's begin!
 So, your most recent release, 
Quantos Possunt Ad Satantietem Trahunt
came out in late 2009, from what I know, 
your next release will be a re-release of 
Under the Sign of Hell, which is also one of your 
 current vocalists, Pest's, last albums before 
Gahl entered the  
 band in 2000. Do you care to talk a little about it?

Infernus: Yes, it is finished and is ready to be released. 
We did the mix,  
editing and mastering last month and I delivered the tape at Regain  
Records office on Wednesday.

MIR: What has Gorgoroth been up to for the 
past almost two years?

I:Working. Been doing some mini tours and have spent 
as much time in Asklunds studio as time has been allowing.

MIR: Summer's around the corner, with bands spreading out 
and touring  even further every year, do you guys plan on 
playing any summer shows and festivals this year?

I: No, we do not have anything confirmed 
for summer, except for one show here in Bergen. May 20.

 MIR:  there are some great new bands out there, 
are there any that have been catching your eyes lately?

I:  Not really. The only relatively new band worth 
listening to, as I can remember now, is a Serbian 
act called Triumfall. I recommend you to  check it out.

MIR: What could you guys say, inspired you to make the 
music you guys have made since the bands start in 1992?

I:  Satan did it. Satan and a big amount of of passion for metal music.
Gorgoroth's new release Under the Sign of Hell isn't out yet, but
if you want to buy their most recent record, Quantos Possunt Ad 
Satantietem Trahunt, you can buy it at Regain Records official merch store

by the way guys.... Triumfall kicks ass.

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