Friday, March 25, 2011

Bands To Know: Teratological Nightmare

Everyone sounds different. Especially these guys, they may have individuality, but at the same time bring up thoughts of bands that all sound related: Good death metal bands. Teratological Nightmare are a small band from what the devil knows as Chicago, but I just call it another place with another good band. They remind me of the oldies, y'know? Cannibal, Death, Morbid Angel, etc. I heard of these guys on facebook. they said to check it out, so like the band-whipped person I am, I did. I'll admit, the growls sound kinda funny, but It's probably just the quality. If you have the time download their free EP and check them out here.
here's the tracklist of the EP
From Ash To Dust
Descension into terror

thanks for reading! and Don't forget to bring a Towel! (southpark pun guys, southpark pun...)

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