Monday, April 11, 2011

Heaven Sent, Hellbound: Interview with Indestructible Noise Command

Heavy thrasher's Indestructible Noise Command (INC) has a new release coming, so in spirit of which, they have been interviewed by yours truly here at MIR. Read this up!

Hey guys! thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us! We'll just be asking a few questions about the band in general, the new release, and upcoming plans. Let's begin!

So, I. N. C. has a current release coming called Heaven Sent... Hellbound on Rising Records. How stoked are you guys? What feedback do you expect from fans?

We are really proud that one year and one month ago we were just talking about getting back together and here we are today with a worldwide release of a third album we never thought would happen. It’s the album we always WANTED to make. As for the feedback, it’s been overwhelmingly great.

What could you say influenced the writing process on the album? What is the base behind the songs and album cover?

Musically it’s quite a mix, can’t really say what bands influenced me for the writing, most of this stuff kinda just pukes itself out when I am in my studio. When I was younger and I.N.C. First came about, I leaned on the music of that time for inspiration but now the energy of this band inspires me alone. As for the artwork, there is a strong militaristic feel. Most of the art was inspired by the song Fist of Fascista which is about Mussolini.

Speaking of the Rising Records, you guys recently signed to them. How has your time with the label been so far?

Been great, they love what we are doing and we have free reign over this project.

Summer is right around the corner, from major festivals to world tours, do you guys have any summer touring plans? Any tours supporting the new release?

unfortunately, because our album comes out May 24th, we missed the boat on festivals this year but we will be playing several next year. We are planning on touring the UK and parts of Europe late summer.

How has being in a band affected your personal lives?

For me personally, it’s been crazy because right in the middle of making the record, my wife gave birth to my daughter so I haven’t slept much to say the least:) It’s a bit of a challenge for everyone, have to balance, that’s all, and make quality time for both music and family.

We try to get this out of most bands we interview, for fun, we always want to know a bands guilty pleasure when it comes to music, those bands they just hate to love. Do you guys have any?

Man, if I listed all my guilty pleasures here, my peers would lose respect for me...LOL. I really have a soft spot for 70’s disco, those bands had amazing players and great writers. Love Earth Wind and Fire!

Are there any new bands out there who seem to be getting your attention?

Lamb of God is probably the best metal band out there right now, they are the future in my opinion. Love the new Protest the Hero as well.

Thanks for doing this short interview. Do you guys have anything to add?

Thanks for having me. This is a 23 year dream for us, we work very DIY so if you guys out there are feeling it, please buy and support and we’ll continue to grow. See you all on tour!

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