Thursday, March 24, 2011

Italy's Killers: Interview with Fleshgod Apocalypse

Y'know those deadly death metalers we call "FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE"???? Well then, I hit up their press advisor, and ended up getting an interview with the one and only. So to begin this interview, heres

Metal in Ruins:  Hello Fleshgod Apocalypse! Thanks for accepting this interview. Before we start I just want to say I appreciate Flesgod in it's entirety. Let's begin!

Okay, First off. Fleshgod has been confirmed for the Summer Slaughter 2011 tour, are you guys excited for it? What do you expect on this years Summer Slaughter

Hi! Yeah, of course we are excited.. We know that Summer Slaughter is always a great tour and represents another good chance to spread our music and our ideas, make new fans, learn new a word, gain experience!
Moreover we’re gonna meet the guys from Dying Fetus again, and that is great.

MIR:  Now, judging by the lyrics on MAFIA, they seem to have quite an amount of symbolism. Could you please explain what lyrical themes the EP holds and what the release itself foretells?

Of course...Mafia is our way to scream out our hate for those who represent the worst plague of our country, and I’m talking exactly about the mafia.’s a plague of the entire planet. Everywhere, even if in different forms or with different names, there are criminal conspiracies made of cowards whose lives and activities are entirely based on other people’s suffering, and fear. Fear, is the worst weapon ever invented. The concept has the purpose to look at the facts from every side: considering the horrible pain inflicted to the population by those who are part of the organization, and, on the other hand, trying to say that we must become aware of the fact that we all need to be ready to sacrifice ourselves for this cause, that we have to break this silence that gives the chance to those motherfuckers to go on with this massacre.

MIR:  Francesco, I've listened to the drums for both Oracles and Mafia, and the drums on both sound quite challenging, for example, Thru our scars is almost blast-beats all the way through the song. Do you have any certain techniques for fellow drummers out there who are learning to play death metal drums?

Yes: Believe. Practice. Believe. Practice, practice and than practice again.
It often seems to be a foregone conclusion, but this is it. I think the most important thing is to KNOW exactly what you want from yourself as a musician, which sound do you need to produce. And this is reachable only listening. Listening to the music you want to play, understanding every single intention in every drummer you listen to, watching tons of videos...and than find your own personal way, while practicing, to get what you want from yourself. This is very important, because even if there are general conventions that of course you need to follow to learn how to play an instrument, it’s also true that you need to listen to yourself, your mind and your body, to reach the result that you want. 

MIR:  Paolo, the clean vocals you lay out are very very great, how do you keep your voice that way, and what techniques do you use often?

 For what regards the technique, I think what Francesco just said is true, and it works with everything. It’s all about being able to open your mind, listen to the others and than find your way.
On the other hand, for the vocals itself it’s also very important to preserve your voice....what can I say? Personally, I avoid drinking too much, smoking too much... expecially when we are on tour, or recording. I don’t wanna say I never drink a beer or what...but I try to keep it low!

Now your latest release Mafia, was released in May of 2010, now that we are getting to almost a year from the release, do you guys have any current songs or albums in the works?

Yes, actually we are working on the new materials right now, and we’re gonna start the recordings soon...therefore, stay tuned!

MIR:  Aside from Summer Slaughter, what other tours and shows are you guys scheduled to do?

Actually we have a lot of things on which we are working on, but nothing officially scheduled
for now....therefore it’s TOP secret!!! Ahahahahaha...

MIR:  Fleshgod Apocalypse has made their mark on the Brutal Death Metal scene, but does being a band from Italy have any drawbacks?

Man, what can I say...of course at the beginning it’s been not easy for us, I would say for two reasons: first of all because Italy is pure shit concerning the valorisation of art, music, and culture in general. It could seem a paradox, since we have a great history and we produced a lot of good music and art in the past and present times...and indeed it IS a paradox. The fact is that it seems that Italians never want to invest on their value. Music and culture seems to be considered more as a joke, rather than a serious thing...something that is vital for the development of both society and economy. It’s the same thing going on with medical research....actually, it’s a big shame. This is also the reason why we started working abroad, from the beginning.
The second reason, and it is a consequence of the first one, is that people with whom we worked at the very beginning, was almost skeptical...they were like “they’re from Italy?!? Are we sure they’re gonna do good?!?” ...and then they were kinda shocked when they saw how seriously we take our work everyday. But, as I said....actually there are tons of good things coming from our country...there’s just a lack of mentality!!

MIR:   Thank you all for taking the time for this, before we go, we have one final question. Everyone has their guilty pleasures, that one thing they just hate to love, do you guys have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music?

Mmmhh....No! ahahahaahahauahua....we just love whatever we like!!!!!

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